Love is the Way

LOVE IS THE WAY: Membership Program: Quick, Easy, Effective Ongoing Energetic Change for Personal and Spiritual Growth.

 Love Is The Way membership Program is the Melding together the Gifts that Aazura and Loras have received and developed.  As a Member, each week you will be invited to a Live Facebook Session where you will receive:   (You need not be present on live video to receive energies)

  • Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing  Deletion of limiting programming.  Setting you free to experience more love, joy, freedom in your life’s journey.
  • SoulStar Activations  Reestablishing your connection to your higher aspects of Love and Unity.
  • Insights and Education into Consciousness and Humanities Awakening from Aazura and Loras
  • Monthly Divine Union (The combined Energy of Twin Flames Yeshua and Magdeline) Channelings  Via Aazura
  • Bi-monthly Language of Light Meditations/Transmissions Via Loras

 (You need not be present on live video to receive these powerful energies) 

( Love Is The Way; Monthly Membership fee of $88.00 )