Loras Peter hand crafts these beautiful Sacred Geometry Light Portals, utilizing tubular
copper and high-frequency Crystals. These Sacred Geometric shapes are precision
built for maximum effect and are then embedded with crystals squeezed with epoxy
inside each corner and the lengths of every side creating an orgone field throughout the
structure. Sacred Geometry light portals are receivers of Universal Light & Love Energy,
which may enhance all areas of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, ethereally,
and spiritually. These Light Portals are being used in healing centers and homes
around the world.


Sacred Geometry Light Portals are created using 1/2″ and 3/4″ copper tubing.  Copper is used for its beauty and for qualities.  Copper may balance energies, clear blockages, and grow connections with others.  Copper is a conductor of energy and amplifies the qualities of the embedded crystals and shapes of the structure.

Precision cut pieces with silver bearing are soldered together to create an energetically clean and precise structure. This allows the full potential of the Sacred Geometric form to come forth.

The copper is polished and hardened using a special process.  They are then lacquered to maintain their shine and resist the patina effect.

The corners of each structure are embedded with crystals that are chosen to enhance the energy of each unique structure. Embedding the crystals with epoxy creates an orgone energy field at each corner.  Custom crystals may be chosen by the individual to enhance the energies that will meet their needs.

The uniquely designed corner pieces allow these large structures to be disassembled, shipped, and reassembled with ease in your home or healing center.


Contact Loras

Contact Loras fro important information on how Sacred Geometry is derived from the
flower of life, and how it works to raise your higher consciousness and may give you the
ability to rejuvenate, clear, enhance and deepen your meditation and healing sessions.
Set up an appointment to experience eleven different geometries – small and big enough to lay or sit inside to determine which one is perfect for you.