About Us


Aazura is an Author, Founder of the New Human Project™, Teacher of Love and Developer of Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing™ (CAQH).

Her mission to assist in uplifting the consciousness of Humanity began after a near-death experience in 1986.   CAQH™ is a transformational catalyst designed to set people free from limiting beliefs and programming held in the mind.  Aazura is the developer of Life Alchemy Breathwork a transformational & health-enhancing breathing technique.  Aazuras’ upcoming book “Walking Out of the Dark...Humanities Destiny Love” is scheduled to be released the summer of 2019. Aazura resides in Colorado with her beloved Loras Peter where she has a private practice and also provides remote CAQH sessions internationally.

Loras Peter is a Healer, Pathfinder, Teacher of Love, and Co-Founder of the New Human Project™ and creator of Sacred Geometry Light Portals™.

His mission to aid in the Ascension of the Earth and Humanity began in 2010 after a sudden awakening during a natural disaster.  Loras is a certified practitioner of Life Alchemy Breathwork™, Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing™, and Sacred Geometry Light Portal™ Healing.  Loras now lives in Littleton, Co. with his beloved Aazura where he provides his healing gifts, builds Sacred Geometry Light Portals and teaches Love to All.

Aazura & Loras are available for speaking engagements and offer a variety of workshops and healing events.