Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing™

An evolutionary approach to Conscious Awakening & Heart Opening

The days of tedious processing are over…the time is now!  

Positive change can happen quickly and with ease.

Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing™ is the result of years of discovery and application. It is an ever-evolving consciousness transformation experience.  As your mind and body are cleansed of the old programs and belief structures you then align with the greater potential of higher mind thinking, emotional & physical transformation and expanding love.

Every person is unique and has their personal experience with CAQH.

A few of the benefits that people have experienced:

  • Self Love deepened.
  • Intuition sharpened.
  • Self Mastery over habitual thinking.
  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Relief from negative emotional reactions to old “triggers” as a state of calm replaces it.
  • Physical well-being has been positively influenced.
  • Seeing through the illusions of the world.
  • Clarity of personal mission revealed.
  • Relationships healed.
  • Greater compassion.
  • Joy


After 8 years as a successful Medical Hypnotherapist, Donna Aazura realized more could be done for her clients than hypnosis was accomplishing. She sensed there was still something missing in our understanding of the subconscious mind. In 2008, as Aazura was working with a client she had an experience that dramatically changed the direction of her work. She saw the field of consciousness. Within that field of consciousness, she saw dark patterns. Aazura asked Source what the dark patterns where and the answer was clear…”Shadow Thoughts”! Shadow Thoughts impede the higher potential of your life. “Shadow Thoughts” are deeply buried programs that anchor in fear, limitation and negative belief structures.

Over the course of the following years, Aazura was shown how the human architecture of consciousness is constructed and how to help accelerate conscious awakening & heart opening.

  • CAQH holds the alchemical key to identify and easily delete deeply hidden “Shadow Thought” programs that hold fear and limitation in place.
  • Aazura quickly clears the “Shadow Thoughts” and the resulting limiting beliefs and conditioning with ease. Habitual negative thinking and repetitive patterns change.
  • As you free your mind and body from the past programming you experience life from a clearer perspective! Calm, Self Loving, Empowered…and endless possibilities.
  • What would you like your future to be? This is when the creative process gets very powerful!

What can I expect in a CAQH session?

Sessions can be facilitated in person or remotely by phone or Skype. We begin with a discussion about your life and look at areas that have impacted you in positive and negative ways. During our discussion, Aazura begins to see the architecture of consciousness that has formed in your field. From this place, she can determine what “shadow thoughts” and belief structures are in place. At this point, we begin “testing” (easy muscle testing technique that can be done in person or remotely) to identify the “shadow thoughts”. Then with your permission, Aazura aligns with you and begins to delete them. After the foundational “Shadow Thoughts” are deleted we clear personal conditioning and belief structures.

All clearing is done through the quantum transformational ability that Aazura has. She works through the quantum field of consciousness. There is no electronic technology used. Change happens quickly. Aazura provides coaching, integration meditation recording & more during our time together.

  • A session is approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • This is a program of 6 – sessions specific to your personal needs.
  • Follow up sessions are available.
  • Remote sessions are available by phone and Skype.

Your Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing™ program begins with a FREE telephone consultation with Aazura or Loras.  The consultation allows them to better know what you are searching for and to determine the best way to get started.  Please contact NHP via our online form.